Yes. I don’t know what I’m doing or where I might end up in, but I keep going because… because!

i love baking.

saturday surprise.

dear pnoy:

how the hell do you expect to solve (or at least minimize) all these peace issues in Mindanao if your adviser on peace processes is from Manila? How could he possible know the culture and tendencies if all he knows are mere theories? you really make me laugh. but most of the time frustrated and annoyed.

dear Pnoy:

this is so tiring. if you will not do anything about this mnlf thing, then no one will. but why would you? you don’t seem to care. to the government, southern mindanao is probably nothing but a nuisance; the little toe that can be cut-off or left to rot that will not have any effect to the body as a whole.

that’s what you think, right? you think we’re just dispensable characters that you care nothing about. you don’t care if we die or remain in this overcast of fear and hopelessness just as long as you get to live your comfortable life in the big cities.

this is my sentiment. this is how i feel. but if the highest official in my government who swore to protect me and look after me cannot even understand me, i guess, no one will. and i guess i shall forever be living in fear.

just as i suspected. the national government really doesn’t care about us here in Southern Mindanao. Even if we all die here, they wouldn’t care. We’re so far from Luzon, and as long as we won’t affect them, they wouldn’t care. 

Peace talk, peace talk pa!! Ilang years na ang peace talk-peace talk na yan!! Let’s do the 98% of citizens in Mindanao some favor and cut this long and winding story short: let them all burn in hell nang tumanda-tanda naman sila!

They actually managed to raise their pathetic flags in places around Sulu sometime in August. Then their pathetic, idiotic, demented leader declared independence and appointed himself as president. He probably got elated from his puny feat and thought so highly of himself, but the rest of us here in Sulu, the 98% rest of us, think you’re comical and extremely lacking some screws in your head.  And I highly recommend a suite for you at a mental facility.  What’s like the best mental facility in Manila?  We should just put him there.

I think he’s completely demented. Declaring independence over Mindanao, you have to be insane. Someone should just shoot him, please!

ano nga ba ang tunay na buhay probinsyana?

yun yung walang mall na napupuntahan. walang jollibee na nakakainan. walang bench na nabibilhan ng damit. walang smartphone na mabibilhan. walang hair rebond sa mga parlor. walang matinong bakeshop. walang sun cellular. walang sinehan. walang nightlife. walang specialty shops. walang masarap na kainan. walang mga abubot at kung anu-anong walang kwentang knick-knacks na mabibili. walang bookstore. walang tofu, walang lettuce, walang cream cheese. walang brand ng deodorant na hiyang sa kili-kili ko. wala!

pero merong sariwang hangin…merong sariwang hangin. maraming sariwang hanging. kaya kung isa kang probinsyanang katulad ko, hinga ka ng malalim. hanapin mo ang kagandahan ng sitwasyong ito. meron naman eh. kung gusto mo lang makita.

sige, hinga pa.